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DFI Announces Winner of the 2013 C. William Bermingham Award for Innovation
The Thermal Integrity Profiler

The Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) announces that the Thermal Integrity Profiler (TIP) is the winner of the 2013 C. William Bermingham Award for Innovation. The award will be presented at DFI’s 38th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, September 25-28, Phoenix, Ariz.

The Thermal Integrity Profiler (TIP) was developed by Foundations and Geotechnical Engineering LLC, and Pile Dynamics, Inc., after research conducted at the University of South Florida in 2005. Thermal Integrity Profiling is a technology that utilizes the heat generated by curing cement (hydration energy) to evaluate the integrity of cast-in-place concrete foundations such as drilled shafts, bored piles, augered cast-in-place piles, continuous flight auger piles and drilled displacement piles. The Thermal Integrity Profiler is unlike any other system of assessing quality and integrity of cast-in-place concrete foundations in which it uses a phenomenon – heat generation by curing concrete – not previously used to assess the quality and integrity of cast in place concrete foundations.

This award is in honor of C. William Bermingham, DFI president from 1986-1987. The criteria for the award include “contributing to the advancement of the deep foundations industry by introducing a new and unique practice including means and methods, design procedures, equipment and materials by an individual, a team or a company.” This is the second year in which the award has been given. The award recipient receives $5,000.