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DFI to Host S3: Slopes, Slides and Stabilization Seminar
August 1-3, Denver, Colo.

DFI’s Deep Foundations for Landslides/Slope Stabilization and Tiebacks & Soil Nailing Committees are hosting a two-day seminar, S3: Slopes, Slides and Stabilization, on August 1-3, 2016, at the Westin Denver International Airport in Denver, Colo. The seminar features lectures by industry experts on current technologies, key design concepts, and case histories that illustrate effective application of deep foundations for stabilization of slopes and excavation support.

The Seminar features two keynote presentations. “Introduction to Landslide Stabilization Design and Construction” by Professor Erik Loehr, P.E., of University of Missouri, Columbia, addresses design and use of deep foundations for slope stabilization and covers concepts of load transfer for deep foundations from moving soil, important failure modes and limit states that should be considered for design of deep foundations for slope stabilization, practical methods for prediction of foundation resistance, and consideration of structural resistance for deep foundations in slope stabilization applications. “Do’s and don’ts” for design of deep foundations for slope stabilization along with a brief case history comparing the predicted and measured resistance for drilled shafts are also included.

The second keynote presentation, “Tieback and Soil Nail Design and Construction for Excavation Support and Landslide Stabilization,” by Dr. Jesús Gómez, P.E., D.GE, of GEI Consultants, depicts several scenarios where lack of attention to seemingly minor details during construction document development caused construction claims or stoppages. The presentation also discusses simple ways in which such problems could be avoided. The discussion is illustrated through actual case histories.

Equipment, material and instrumentation suppliers; contractors; engineers; and other vendors will exhibit their services during the seminar. Committee meetings and exhibitor set-up take place on August 1 and two days of technical sessions follow on August 2-3.

In conjunction with the S3 Seminar, the DFI Women in Deep Foundations (WiDF) Committee is hosting an evening lecture on Monday, August 1, led by Professor Shideh Dashti, assistant professor and the director of the geotechnical centrifuge facility at the University of Colorado. Her lecture is titled “Seismic Performance of Structures on Liquefied Ground and the Effectiveness of Mitigation Strategies.” The lecture will be held at HDR’s downtown Denver office, preceded by networking and refreshments. There is no cost to attend the event, but reservations are required as space is limited.

For more information or to register, visit www.dfi.org/S3.