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Registration Open for DFI Energy Foundations Seminar
September 18 at University of Illinois, Chicago

Registration is open for the new DFI Energy Foundations Seminar being held on September 18 at the University of Illinois – Chicago. 

This one-day seminar focuses on Practical Construction Aspects of Designing, Installing and Operating a Ground-Sourced Heat Pump Solution Connected to Energy Foundations. Speakers will detail good practice guidelines for designing and installing a ground-sourced heat pump solution that uses geothermal loops installed within energy foundations and structures. Presentations will discuss the importance and benefits of long-term management and operation of such a system to ensure that the system delivers the designed heating and/or cooling loads and can be optimized to enhance returns on investment to make a project more attractive. 

Highlights include:

  • Use of Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHP) document for design
  • Energy foundations applications
  • Bridge deck deicing opportunities
  • Research results
  • GSHP mechanical systems
  • Good working practice

 For more information or to register visit www.dfi.org/energy18.

Contact: Theresa Engler, Executive Director, (973) 423-4030, tengler@dfi.org