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New Edition of DFI Journal Available

Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) announces the availability of a new edition of the DFI Journal, a peer-reviewed publication of high-quality technical papers. 

DFI Journal, Volume 14, Issue 1, includes a strong mix of research and case study papers. 

RESEARCH PAPER: “Theoretical “t-z” Curves for Piles in Radially Inhomogeneous Soil,” by Abigail H. Bateman and Jamie J. Crispin 

RESEARCH PAPER: “Safety Factor for Drilled Shaft Foundations Subjected to Wind-Induced Torsion,” by Victor Aguilar, Andrzej Nowak, J. Michael Stallings and J. Brian Anderson 

RESEARCH PAPER: “Development of Experimental P-Y Curves from Centrifuge Tests for Piles Subjected to Static Loading and Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading,” by Milad Souri, Arash Khosravifar, Scott Schlechter, Nason McCullough and Stephen E. Dickenson 

CASE STUDY: “Analysis of Strain-gage Records from a Static Loading Test on a CFA Pile,” by Bengt H. Fellenius and Tony Ruban 

CASE STUDY: “Sensitivity Analysis of Soft Clay Parameters on an Existing Quay Wall at the East Port in Port Said, Egypt,” by Ehab R. Tolba, Sherif Abd Ellah, Elsayed M. Galal, Ezzat Ahmed Sallam and Mohammad Ahmad Kamal 

An online subscription to the DFI Journal is included with DFI membership, and issues can be accessed by signing in to the member portal — MyDFI. If you are not a member, join DFI at www.dfi.org for $125 to receive an online subscription to the Journal, which includes access to all Journal papers since its inception in 2007. (Individual Journal articles are otherwise $25 each.) Members and nonmembers can order printed copies of the 2007-2020 volumes of the Journal from the ‘Publications’ page of www.dfi.org

Contact: Theresa Engler, Executive Director, +1 (973) 423-4030, tengler@dfi.org