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DFI Announces New Committee Publications and Research Reports

November 23, 2021, Hawthorne, N.J.:

Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) announces the release of three new technical publications and an educational PowerPoint presentation available at no cost online at www.dfi.org/publications/new-publications as well as several research reports by DFI technical committees.

  • Grouting Summary of Main Standards and Guidelines on Grouting Available in North America and Europe – DFI International Grouting Committee
    This publication summarizes the main standards and guidelines, different approaches, methods and tools used internationally, and standard practice requirements for qualifications, materials, equipment, testing, and production procedures.
  • Data Management Guide Specification – DFI Project Information Management Systems Committee
    This publication is based on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers guidance. The guide provides generic specification language and commentary for project information management systems including recent technological developments.
  • Guidelines for Selecting Cutoff Wall Systems – DFI Slurry Wall Committee
    This publication outlines fundamental information on the selection of vertical cutoff walls and seepage barriers to reduce water flow through embankments, dams, levees, and deep excavations. Cutoff methods covered include excavated cutoff systems, in situ techniques (grouting, deep mixing and ground freezing), and driven sheet pile cutoff systems.
  • Structural Slurry (Diaphragm) Walls – DFI Slurry Wall Committee
    A new PowerPoint presentation outlines basic design and construction for structural slurry walls, including an overview of types of slurry walls, design and construction considerations, detailing, quality assurance and control, and advantages and limitations.

Committee Research Reports

Following are recently published research reports for projects funded by DFI’s Committee Project Fund.


DFI Releases New Publications and Reports– 2

The following research reports were published in the DFI Journal. An online subscription to the Journal is available to DFI members at no additional cost by signing into the member portal. Nonmembers can purchase the individual papers for $25 or join DFI for $125 to receive an online subscription to the Journal.

Contact: Theresa Engler, Executive Director, +1 (973) 423-4030, tengler@dfi.org