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Student Initiatives

DFI of India (DFII) provides several opportunities for students to learn more about the types of careers available in the deep foundations industry, create professional relationships with leaders in your chosen field, and gain exposure to current technologies and practices so you can get your career off to a strong start by posting your resume in ‘Contact Info’ on the MyDFI member portal.

Download the flyer to learn how students can start and grow their career in the deep foundations industry.

FREE Student Membership

As a student, you can become a DFI member for free* and benefit from all the opportunities DFI offers. Student Individual Membership is allowed for students enrolled in a deep foundations related curriculum/master’s in Geotechnical Engineering* for up to two years or until course duration and who provide a copy of their college ID with submission of their application.

Future Leader Program

DFII is in the process of implementing several mentorship programs to all Indian students with specific interest in the geotechnical field.

Student Chapters

Student Chapters and outreach programs are being organized for university engineering students with specific interests in geotechnical, soil mechanics and foundation engineering curriculums. Student chapters allow student members to participate in improvement of the planning, design, and construction aspects of deep foundations and deep excavations.

DFI is currently in touch with colleges in different regions to encourage students to establish student chapters. DFI of India members serve as chapter liaisons to facilitate and promote DFI interaction with university students.

Student Paper Competition

DFI and the DFI Educational Trust hold an annual Student Paper Competition in conjunction with DFI’s Annual Conference each fall. The competition is open to graduate and undergraduate students of engineering and construction worldwide.

DFI of India encourages students to also participate in the paper competition during DFI India Annual Conferences and regional competitions conducted periodically. The winner and runner of the competition will be invited to attend the conference by waiving of the registration charges. These awardees, along with other students who participated in the paper competition, will have opportunities to benefit from internship programs in leading organizations.

*Professionals who are pursuing Ph.D. and master’s programs on part-time basis are not eligible for free student membership.
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