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Women in Deep Foundations (WiDF) India

Deep Foundations Institute’s Women in Deep Foundations Committee comprises women and men who advocate for retaining women in the deep foundations industry. The committee’s goal is to foster greater success and interest of professional women in the industry by promoting networking events, endorsing outreach and building mentoring relationships.

WiDF India Committee

WiDF India is the Indian chapter of WiDF group and was formally launched during the DFII2018 conference in IIT Gandhinagar. The group is actively working towards the goal of empowering women in the industry, educating and encouraging the young professionals about different prospects and opportunities, connecting academia and industry, etc.

Since 2019, WiDF India group has started a WhatsApp group where they discuss many diverse topic, technical and non-technical side of the industry, make plans, coordinate activities, etc. The group also support each other and share their experiences, be it in the field or in the office.

Apart from the above they also encourage the members to apply for DFI’s professional development grants. Also, hopes to start giving grants soon.

Mission Statement

“To enhance professional opportunities for women in the deep foundations industry.”

Please reach out to activities@dfi-india.org to join WiDF India. Committee conference calls are held monthly.


WiDF Professional Grant Program

WiDF Professional Grant Program provides opportunities to women involved in design and construction of deep foundations. The future of our industry depends upon diversity, which can be influenced by encouraging promising female professionals to remain in deep foundations careers.  professional development grants annually that support women to attend the DFI Annual Conference.


Beaded name tag lanyards worn by men and women as visible signs of support for the WiDF program during the Annual conferences.  The lanyards attract many questions – especially for male wearers – which provide opportunities to open a conversation about and show support for women in the industry.